How Fascists Are Ruining Society by Privatizing Basic Human Necessities

  • Education

Privatizing education is one of the most clear cut and obvious examples of how fascism is destroying not only society for current generations, but for many generations to come. Typically the best educations are available only to the richest of the rich, elite upper class. Starting as young as three or four years old for some kind of special daycares, all the way up to the most prestigious universities. Even if students take public school classes all the way through to a university level, continuing your education any further always requires money, loans, debt, financial institutions, interest, and more money. Meanwhile the middle and lower classes are stuck working unfulfilling, low paying, hard labor jobs with no opportunity to move up.

  • Healthcare

Equal to or possibly more serious than the education problem is the fascist’s hold on healthcare and the medical field. Some of the richest, biggest corporations in the world are insurance companies and pharmaceutical manufacturers. By monetarily incentivizing practicing doctors to push their drugs, insurance companies can practically charge whatever they want; because if a doctor tells you to take it, you’d better listen! Some medications are in fact necessary to live or live comfortably, unfortunately millions of people are deprived of these because they can’t afford the medications or can’t afford the cost of insurance. Either way, the lack of quality healthcare is just one more thing the fascists have taken hold of that only impacts the middle and lower class, and always in a negative way. If you want to fight back against the fascist tight hold on the medical industry, avoid using big name clinics, and do as much shopping online as possible. For example, you can get quality eyeglasses from for a fraction of the price of what a fascist megastore would charge you.

  • Prison Systems

If there is one way to ensure the poor stay poor and the rich get richer, probably one of the fastest ways to do it is by arresting as many lower-class citizens, putting them in overcrowded jails and prisons, and then collecting money from the government per prisoner. Many of these prisoners are in fact innocent, they just simply don’t have the money to hire a lawyer and prove it; instead they plea to a lesser charge simply just to “speed up” their trial process. Last year, the private prison system of the United States was almost a five-billion dollar industry with profits in the hundreds of millions… Keep in mind most of these prisoners are either guilty of nonviolent/dangerous crimes, or even completely innocent.

Lastly, the global food supply is controlled by a very select few. Between genetically modified foods, and major corporations owning the land and controlling production, these fascist organizations can control the price. By subsidizing products like corn for ethanol fuel, it drives the price up for consumers. In the end, try to be as self sustaining as possible. Grow a small organic garden, raise laying hens if you have space, and avoid any major producers; keep it local if possible.