Politics in Ireland

Politics in Ireland

Over the last one hundred years, there have been many changes in Ireland and its political movements. It does seem utterly strange that only a few decades ago, the country was at war with itself and neighbors fought against one another. Politics did have a part to play in the conflict and the end result was a split in one country, now known as Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. There are now two Irelands and millions remember the horrors of those times even if the island appears to be at peace with one another. Today, the politics in Ireland are still as fierce as they ever were, but is that a good thing?

The Politics of Ireland

While Ireland technically remains one island, there is a massive separation between North and the Republic; as such, they compromise of two jurisdictions within the political system. The Republic of Ireland which is far more considerable in size than the North is a sovereign state with its capital being Dublin. However, Northern Ireland is now under British rule and is a part of the UK; the Irish people there wanted to become a part of the UK. Its capital is Belfast. From 1922 and the Anglo-Irish treaty, Ireland has been governed under three different political systems. It was only in 1998 when a shared political system was introduced in the country.

Politics in Ireland

A Complexity of Governing

Ireland has three different governing administrations within the country. Firstly, there is the Northern Ireland Executive which deals with the bulk of governmental matters. Then, there is the UK government which also has a small portion of political matters to deal with too. Lastly, in the Republic of Ireland, the Government of Ireland handles any and all political matters. While the two countries are separate members of the EU, they aren’t technically governed by the EU when it comes to home political matters. It does, however, have a say when it comes to international matters but, generally, it’s the home-parliament groups that deal with matters. There are also three administrations that work between all governing bodies. Those are the North/South Inter-Parliamentary Association, the North/South Ministerial Council and the British-Irish Intergovernmental Conference.

Complexity of Politics in Ireland

It’s quite confusing to say the least when it comes to Irish politics. There are millions who don’t realize the complicity of the political movements in Ireland and it’s easy to understand why that is. There are three separate governments in Ireland and then there are three administrations who act as the go-between between them all. It’s truly confusing and the truth is these administrations are there to help the countries communicate and to allow policies to be agreed upon. It really is a very complex governing system and there are still a few holes in the plot and a lot of bumps in the road too.

Will There Be A Change In The Future?

Over the course of the last century, the politics in Ireland have changed. The troubles in the country have played their parts in the political system too and it really is important for all sides to have a voice in the way the country is run. It doesn’t matter whether you believe in one side of politics or another or whether the country should be unified, a part of the UK or the EU, it’s necessary to have a voice for your views. The political turmoil will come and go and the politics in Ireland will forever be changed from the troubles of the Easter Rising and even today’s politicians.For more details read here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Politics_of_the_Republic_of_Ireland